{Four More Things}

We are constantly telling each other that we need to blog more, so here I am making a weekly installment of {Four More Things}

These will be four things that have caught our eyes, we have fallen in love with or that you need to know!

A Beautiful Mess



– Passion Tea Lemonade from Starbucks! No, actually I want to share this amazing app that added to this yummy photo. I have followed A Beautiful Mess for a few months now, their blog is amazing beautiful and I hope to grow up to be like them one day. They created a photo editing app that reflects their style. You have options for filters as well as a number of add-ons to make your photos pop!
The girls at A Beautiful Mess have had great success in their first few days being in the top app purchases! They are celebrating by giving away an iPad mini! Check out their blog and giveaway here.



– Save Rock and Roll
Fall Out Boy, you have captured my heart once again.
Ears, please forgive me when I am old for listening way too loud.



Bookstore Treasures

– The thing I dislike the most about having a Kindle is the Bookstore. I love love love my Kindle. But I miss the browsing and smells of a bookstore most. Stacey and I ventured into a $3 Book Warehouse the other day. It’s no B&N but it was entertaining. I came back from our trip with a few treasures.
Kiss Me Like a Stranger – Gene Wilder (a retired library book – $3 Book Warehouse)
Second Calling – Dale Hanson Bourke (finding something bigger for myself – $3 Book Warehouse)
9 Things You Simply Must Do – Dr. Henry Cloud (a book actually on my Amazon wishlist – $3 Book Warehouse)
What I Wore Today – Gemma Correll (doodle book – found at TJMaxx)
Anchor Shorts (GAP Outlet)

– It’s¬†officially¬†SUMMER!
At least it is in South Georgia. Days have hit over 90 degrees more than once this week and our first lake trip is planned for this weekend so that makes it official.

– With Love