{ a fun little “about me” }

A blog I followed posted this on Facebook today and I thought it would be a great place to start my blog back up again.

1. Favourite color?
2. Favourite place you’ve ever been to?
3. Favourite pizza topping?
4. Favourite word?
5. Favourite vegetable?
6. Last book you read?
Deep Fried and Pickled
7. Favourite sport?
8. Last album you bought?
She & Him – Volume 2 or Elton John’s Number One hits
9. Coke or Pepsi?
(DIET) Coke
10. Biggest pet peeve?
Not introducing onesself on the phone.
11. Puppies or kittens?
12. Bacon or Nutella?
13. Favourite TV show
14. Pick an Olsen twin.
15. Favourite season?
16. Favourite date of the year?
July 4, the best grilling/pool holiday
17. Current guilty pleasure?
Free cheesy mysteries on my kindle.
18. Favourite Disney princess?
19. Favourite alcoholic beverage?
20. Choose your entrance theme song?
Fat bottomed Girls – Queen

What are your answers?


One thought on “{ a fun little “about me” }

  1. This is fun! I’m so very glad you’re a Diet Coke girl too, I’ll play:
    1 Aqua
    2 Maui
    3 Black Olives
    4 syncytium
    5 tomatoes
    6 Seven: an experimental mutiny against excess
    7 football
    8 Trouble by Randy Rogers Band
    9 DIET COKE!!!!
    10 thoughtlessness
    11 puppies
    12 both of them together
    13 The Good Wife
    14 nope
    15 summer
    16 Valentine’s Day
    17 laying in bed watching The West Wing late at night
    18 Lady from Lady and the Tramp
    19 Whiskey
    20 Anything Kesha

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