{ Redheads }

“Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous redhead.” – Lucille Ball

I’ve always loved redheads, the hubs loves redheads and Stace has a huge crush on a famous ginger. I’ve always been slightly red, but amped it up for the wedding. I fell in love. I’m meant to be ginger. In honor of recently reapplying, I want to share my favorite famous redheads.

Lucy – Who doesn’t love Lucy? Stace and I grew up watching Lucy. Although not naturally a redhead, she is a redhead icon. (left below)

12---I-Love-Lucy-Show 41c9c66b733bd08c93798ac483a32260








Reba – A fiery redhead that doesn’t even need a last name for you to know who she is! We love her voice and her show is hilarious! (right above)

Rupert Grint – Rupert walked right into our hearts as the gangly loveable Ron in the Harry Potter movies. **Stacey’s crush, although she would take Ed Sheeran too.  (left below)

tumblr_mpmob24EuR1qmdo2ko1_500 ce445dc36b27e8dc3a565f0c1167bbf9








Emma Stone – Beautiful and talented and recently red again. (right above)

Christina Hendricks – Absolutely gorgeous and curves that kill. She loves a funny man and knows how to dress to impress. Definitely woman-crush worthy! (left below)

tumblr_mpfdwvU0G51rqrd11o1_500 4745784cb27f2f9b156f4aeb3c971f1a








Bette Midler – A funny woman that has got a set of pipes! She has been blonde for a while now, but I love her red the best! (right above)

Hayley Williams – Though she be little, she is fierce. Voice AND flaming red hair. (left below)










Catherine Tate – Although at this moment, I have only seen her once on Doctor Who and a few clips from her show. She is hilarious. And has the best British accent. (right abve)

While looking for what the rest of the world thinks of these famous redheads, i noticed that quite a few people think that people who aren’t natural gingers don’t count. Marilyn Monroe wasn’t a natural blonde but will always be considered one of the most famous. I think that if being redhead is your signature, you are in fact a redhead!

Here’s my new do, thanks to the best hairdresser I know!

photo (1)


Signing off as an official member of the ginger club!
Who is your favorite redhead?


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