{Four Things}

Things I’m loving right now:

iPhone 024

– Smallcakes – The place that has stolen the hearts of out little town. A cupcakery that has pink walls, 15 regular flavors and a few daily cult flavors that has people waiting in lines out the door. I’m gaining weight right now thinking about all the flavors I want to try!

– Gym time. I just joined a new gym and oh my! It’s fabulous!

– Journaling – I bought a journal and have been writing more than about my day. See Stacey’s post about it here.

– Avocados – That squishy green fruit has become pretty popular lately! ¬†Stace and I are trying out new ways to eat them and hopefully I’ll get a chance to share the Avocado Cheese Ball recipe soon. Check out a pretty cool Avocado Lovers community Pinterest board¬†here.