{A Month of No Fast Food}

The holidays are a really tough time if you are attempting to eat healthy. Thanksgiving is just packed full of carbs and sweets, delicious ones might I add. Once Dec 1 hits, the leftovers are gone and it’s full swing into Christmas, with some kind of party or event with cookies and comfort food every time you turn around.

Now, let’s be a crazy person and add in No Fast Food December. But I decided to do it and I was sticking to it. I made a few rules for myself:
I work at a fast food restaurant. If it absolutely comes down to it, I can have a fruit cup, yogurt parfait or a grilled filet (from Chick-fil-A). But only if I am working and have forgotten my lunch and just can’t possibly get away. I only did this two, maybe three times.
2: Sandwich shops don’t count a fast food. I love places like Submarina. (What’s not to love? They put fresh avocados on their sandwiches!)

Those were pretty much my rules.
Let me tell you, this was hard the first few days. Especially when they made me bag at lunchtime at work. I had Waffle Fries in my hand and I couldn’t have any! Any kind of fried potato is my weakness! But towards the end of the month, I had this part down!
I slipped up and had a Breakfast in a Cup from Zacadoo’s one morning. My husband and mother said doesn’t count because it was just a small cup of grits, eggs and cheese. So you can say that I did or didn’t. I think I did pretty well for the month.

The only thing I craved was a salad from Zaxby’s, So on Jan 1 that’s what I had. Once I got it home and in my tummy, I knew that I didn’t have to have it. It’s now Jan 8 and other than that salad, I haven’t had fast food. I haven’t had any fried food in over a month! It seems like something I can get used to.

January is No Chocolate Month. This one is a little harder and I have failed numerous times already. Each day is a new day and I try again. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Have you ever tried to give something up like that? Lent maybe? How did you do?
Maybe try from today until the end of January to cut out fast food.


One thought on “{A Month of No Fast Food}

  1. Great job on your no fast food month! You’ll do wonderful tbis month too! Would love to do one of these with you or all of them! 🙂

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