{Another Point of View}

Stacey Lynn

Stacey Lynn

Hi Everyone!

lovelyhappyhealthysweet is getting a new point of view and Im it. April has so graciously accepted my self-invite to her blog. Im new to blogging so I asked to piggyback on hers for a while. And yes, I am her sister.

April and I are an oxymoron. We are just alike and yet very different. Not only do we look alike (so we’re told-we don’t see it) but when we shop together we pick up the same things. When shop separately, we still pick up the same things. And most of the time we are drawn to similar art, home decor, and food. Where we differ the most is music, movies, and TV. But most importantly no matter what, we are best friends. I would be lost without her.

What we hope to do this year is share with you what Lovely things we see or make, things that make us Happy, what keeps us Healthy, and our Sweet treat recipe adventures.  Do Enjoy!


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