Mini Cheeseburger Sliders

Most of you have seen all the many times I have posted dinner photos (instagram: @missaprilmay) of the Hubs favorite Homemade diner-style cheeseburgers similar to Krystal’s. And asked if you could join us for dinner!

I tried it for the first time after finding the recipe through foodgawker (I love this site!), the original post here.

I attempted to photo journal my cooking this evening for dinner.

Onions and olive oil sauteing.

 While those are going, I add meat tenderizer, salt and pepper to less than a pound of lean hamburger meat. You could use ground turkey for a lighter taste.

 I prepare my King’s Hawaiian rolls by cutting them in half and placing the bottoms on the top.  We have used the Wheat Version before too.

 One Kraft Single for two buns. You could use any kind of cheese you want,

but I like the creaminess of a Kraft Single.

 I tried a new technique this time by folding my cheese and arranging it before I put it in the pan. It worked a little better. I usually feel really rushed to get all of this together in order before anything burns!

 Roll meat into 1 to 1 1/2 in balls.

 Place them on top of the onions and smash as flat as you can. You want the patties to be thin like a slider. Cook for a few minutes on this side.

 Flip them over getting the onions on the top.

 Layer the cheese, bun top and then bun bottom. And put the lid on. (The original post calls to put a towel over the pan! I can’t knowingly put a towel on my stove top, never-mind that the fireman in Jimmy would kill me for doing something so dangerous!)

 While that is cooking and steaming the onions through the buns, I gather our extras. I take the lid off and get bottoms ready. I like pickles and the hubs likes mustard.


 Using your spatula, scoop up under the meat and slide it off onto the bun. The pan is going to be a mess. (The hubs usually offers to clean up 🙂 and that makes it a favorite meal of mine.

 Hubs on the left. Mine on the right.


 And you have to have fries with it.

Usually we have shoestring fries. But I went for the Seasoned crinkle cut this time.


 Thumbs up.

 Mine has to go with a Diet Coke.

I hope that this has helped. We are absolutely in love with these.

Beware, your loved ones will want this all the time. It’s kind of hard to make a bunch of them too. The hubs has contemplated buying me a Japanese Steakhouse cook-top to make as many of these as I possible can.

** This was my first post on another blog that no longer exists.


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